OEM Orders

SumoSecurity is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality security products at very competetive prices. If you're looking for a security product that's not listed on our website, chances are, we can have it custom manufactured for you. We welcome all OEM orders and can customize any type of security product.

Are there Minimum Quantities

It depends. In order to get you the best price, we usually require a minimum order amount, however it can vary between 1000 pieces or as little as 100. Minimum quantity will be determined once we receive your specifications.

How Much Does it Cost

Custom products varies in cost. It depends on the type of product and the required materials we need to use to make the product. Our OEM staff will determine the cost of product once we receive your specifications. Rest assured, here at SumoSecurity, we have our customers in mind, so we constantly work at solutions that are both time and cost-efficient.

What Next

If you're set on SumoSecurity making a custom product for you, the next thing to do is to contact our OEM department. You can either do this using the contact form located at the bottom of this page or calling 909.598.3718 and speak to an account representative that will handle your custom OEM order.